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Farm Garden with Sunflowers Farm Garden with Sunflowers

Farm Garden with Sunflowers

This fresh floral silk scarf flaunts a variety of beautiful flowers. An array of eye-catching colors include indigo, periwinkle, crimson, saffron, sienna, iris, lavender, pink...
Flowers & Cats Flowers & Cats

Flowers & Cats

This charming silk scarf sets a large colorful bouquet of flowers and two round, whimsical cats against a bordeaux, amethyst, and black background. The design...
Nasturtiums Nasturtiums


Green leafed vines with red blossoms meander through hues of coral and lavender on this floral silk scarf. Soft and romantic, this scarf design is...
Water Lilies Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Tranquil lavender waters surround shades of red and pink blossoms with green lily pads on this silk scarf. Splashes of black detailing and a Monet...